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What Should I Wear For A Waterways Cruise?

One of the questions we get asked all the time by our guests is, “What should I wear for a Waterways Cruise?”

At Waterways Cruises, our number one goal is to ensure our guests have an incredible experience while enjoying their time onboard any one of our beautiful yachts. We always want our guests to be comfortable, happy and safe. This is why our cruises have a no-stress dress code, which simply means we recommend guests dress comfortably for both the occasion and the elements.

Whether it’s the Weekend Brunch, Themed Lunch, Sunset Dinner, Special Events or a Wine, Beer and Spirit Pairing Dinner Cruise, a Waterways Cruise is a great way to enjoy a special occasion and see the spectacular views of Seattle’s lakes and city skylines while having an unforgettable dining experience. Since many of our guests celebrate their special occasions onboard, we recommend guests wear anything from business casual to dressy attire for our Sunset Dinner, Special Events Cruises and Wine, Beer and Spirit Pairing Dinner Cruises. For our Weekend Brunch and Themed Lunch Cruises, we suggest casual attire.

Dressy attire and business casual can be defined as anything from dress slacks and khakis to casual slacks and nice jeans. This includes button-down shirts, polo shirts and short-sleeved shirts with a collar. Business casual can also include dresses, skirts, a pants outfit, a blazer or a dress jacket with or without a tie. For footwear, guests are free to wear anything that’s comfortable for them including loafers, flats, sandals, heels or clean sneakers.

In addition to dressing comfortably for the occasion, we also recommend guests dress for the elements, which can include an afternoon or evening breeze out on the water and the occasional rainfall here in the Pacific Northwest. All of our vessels have fully enclosed, climate-controlled decks for guest comfort. Guests will more than likely spend a majority of their time seated inside during the lunch or dinner portion of their cruise. Those guests who choose to walk around the vessel should be mindful of the unique nautical environment. When choosing footwear, boat shoes aren’t required, but stilettos can be tricky when navigating through narrow stairways on a moving vessel. Long dresses and flowing scarves are beautiful, but can be potentially hazardous when moving around the yacht. For guests wanting to enjoy the sights from the open-air decks, we recommend bringing a light jacket, sweater or shawl on all cruises.

We always want our guests to have an unforgettable experience on any of our cruises. We may not be able to predict the weather, but we’re always more than happy to assist our guests with questions they may have about any of our cruises. Our no-stress dress code is one of the many ways we can help guests enjoy their distinctive cruising experience comfortably and safely while onboard a Waterways yacht for any occasion.