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What’s the Difference Between “Boarding Time” and “Departure Time”?

When visiting our website and checking out the cruises we offer online, a question guests often ask is, “What’s the difference between ‘boarding time’ and ‘departure time’?” Having multiple times listed for each cruise on our website can be confusing so we decided to make it as easy as possible by answering this question in detail.

For each of the cruises listed on our website, there are three different times listed under the Departure section for each cruise page: Boarding, Departure and Return.

Boarding Time is the earliest guests may board the vessel.

Departure Time is the time of the cruise’s departure from the Departure Location.

Return Time is the time the vessel will return to the dock and officially end the cruise.

Guests are free to board their cruise any time after the scheduled Boarding Time and up until the Departure Time. We recommend guests give themselves plenty of time for parking and getting to the vessel. Each cruise leaves promptly at the listed Departure Time. Once the vessel leaves the dock and is underway, guests will not be able to board.