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Romance is still in the air even though Valentine’s Day is over, so let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember unique weddings that happened aboard our yachts. Veronica and Edwin were married on the Emerald Star in 2000. It was a beautiful wedding in every way, just as they imagined it.  Sixteen years later, they still love talking about their special day and they return when they can to celebrate their anniversary. Veronica and Edwin have graciously shared some of their photos and tell their story in their own words.

“Waterways went above and beyond to make our wedding day truly unforgettable. They were especially accommodating with our many special requests. What a unique treat to be on the water especially for those who came from out of state! Even the locals got to experience Seattle from a different, beautiful perspective.”

“The photos were priceless during the ceremony with the skyline and Space Needle in the background as we floated in the middle of the lake. The bonus was going by the famous sites like the Sleepless in Seattle floating home, or seeing Bill Gate’s home from a distance. Every time I see the Emerald Star now, it brings back wonderful memories. You’re just not going to get all these experiences with any building venue. We highly recommend Waterways.”

“At that time, the Emerald Star didn’t have a freezer (they have a full kitchen now) but we really wanted ice cream. The staff didn’t hesitate to let us know they would make it happen for us. Little did we expect to be so blown away with what they did. During the reception, another boat from their fleet was circling around us. At one point, the two boats majestically came together bow to bow, and both crews helped rope over a tub of ice cream to us! Guests on both vessels were so thrilled, we all broke into applause. What a memorable experience! We’re so happy to have caught on video and in photographs!“

What an unforgettable story! Over the last 22 years, Waterways has hosted over 2,000 weddings for happy couples and we love seeing them come back to celebrate their special occasions and anniversaries. Thank you, Veronica and Edwin, for letting us share your story!

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