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Lunch Buffet Menu

Eat Up

An expansive sizzling spread of buffet favorites offers two delicious options for your event catering. Choose a BBQ style buffet featuring grilled corn, spicy slaw, roasted red potato salad, hot wings, blackened rockfish and sweet desserts for a picnic style summer cruise. Or enjoy a Northwest-themed lunch buffet featuring grilled wild salmon, Caesar salad, wild mushroom lasagna, fresh fruit and berries and apple crisp for dessert. Menus change to include seasonal ingredients.

Menu Selections

(V = Vegetarian, Vg = Vegas, G = Gluten Free)
BBQ Buffet

Jalapeno corn bread with honey (V)

Black bean and roasted corn salad (V, Vg, G)

Grilled corn with chili butter and sea salt (V, G)

Spicy apple and cabbage slaw (V)

Roasted red potato salad with grain mustard aioli and rosemary (V, G)

Harrisa hot wings with blue cheese (G)

Braised pork with Texas toast

Smoked garlic lemon rockfish (G)

Watermelon (V,  Vg. G)

Cookies and lemon bars (V)

Lakes Lunch Buffet

Freshly baked artisan breads served with sea salt butter (V)

Creamy tomato and caramelized onion bisque (V, G)

Classic Caesar salad

Grilled seasonal vegetables (V, Vg, G)

Wild mushroom lasagna (V)

Grilled salmon with stone ground mustard cream sauce (G)

Seared chicken with blood orange cranberry sauce (G)

Seasonal fruit and berries (V, Vg, G)

Apple crisp with honey vanilla whipped cream (V)