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Shilshole Bay Marina

Parking Directions


  • Take Exit 169 toward NE 45th Street.
  • Turn left onto NE 45th Street.
  • Turn slight right onto N. Midvale PL. N. Midvale PL becomes N Market Street.
  • Turn slight left onto NW 54th Streeet. NW 54th Street becomes Seaview Ave NW.

There are several entrances to the marina off Seaview Ave NW. Once inside the marina, park just south of the Marina Office building, located adjacent to the “I” and “J” docks, in the center of the marina. Our vessels typically dock at the “H” dock. Park, then take a short walk past the small park (look for metal statues on display) toward the waterside, where you will see an entrance gate and a ramp leading down to the dock itself. Proceed down the dock approximately 50 ft. and you will meet our vessel, typically docked at the end of the dock.