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The Emerald Star is Getting a Big Refresh!

Q: How do you make a luxury yacht look younger?
A: With Boat-tox!

While our yachts have been docked during quarantine, the largest yacht in our fleet, the Emerald Star, has been getting quite the makeover. A few members of our hard-working crew have been busy here at our HomePort in Seattle (at a safe distance of course) getting all of our yachts, especially the Emerald Star, into ship shape for our grand re-opening once the current sanctions have been lifted by the governor and it’s safe for us to resume our cruising schedule again.

Our crew started with giving each of our yachts including the Destiny and Olympic Star a top to bottom deep cleanse, but the biggest project our crew has been working on (and that we’re all so excited about) has been all of the renovations made on the Emerald Star over the last month.

The largest yacht in our fleet, the Emerald Star, which comes in at 105 feet has been getting both the interior and exterior refurbished along with several upgrades to help enhance our customers’ overall cruising experience.

We started with replacing the windows with brand new, dual pane windows to help provide a more comfortable cruise year-round in the yacht’s salon. These new windows will help reduce UV radiation and heat buildup in the summer keeping the inside of the Emerald Star nice and cool during the warmer months and to help prevent foggy windows during the winter in the colder, wet months.

To ensure maximum comfort for each of our customers during extreme temperatures, whether it’s hot or cold outside, we’ve upgraded the HVAC system and added insulation to the interior walls of the yacht. Other interior improvements that have been made include the replacement of the interior lighting, beautiful, new brass lighting sconces, all new interior wood trim throughout the salon, the installation of a newly improved music system and restroom upgrades.

The exterior of the Emerald Star has received quite a bit of love too with a complete, fresh coat of paint, which will help make her sparkle.

Our crew has been hard at work giving the Emerald Star a much-needed refresh during quarantine. She’s looking more and more beautiful every day. We’ve been making renovation lemonade out of lockdown lemons here at Waterways Cruises and are so excited to show off our yachts once the quarantine period is over. We look forward to cruising with all of you again soon.